Oh my Fucking god how can she leave me like that? What have I ever done to Tessa to deserve a teaser like that? And when the fuck am I getting Ava’s story?

There I was loving the butterflies this beautiful, sweet love story was giving me, loving having the sweetest couple ever getting a chance to tell their happily ever after when BAM. Blown the fuck out of rainbows and unicorns and straight into angst over Ava.

But I guess you all don't want to know about that. You want to hear about Fusion so I will try suck it up and tell you about a love story for the fairy tales.

I have been hooked on this series from the beginning. And I seriously loved Jeremy and Sierra, I just never expected them to get their own book, but I was thrilled when I saw this one was their's. Then as I started it my stomach was a leaden ball. You see this whole series has been full of heartbreak and angst and I was so scared of where their story might go I almost didn't want to read it. But of course I have no impulse control so I had to.

And Damn am I glad I did. Of course there was a lot we already knew of their story and we have met the precocious Ava . And laughed at the antics of Jeremy and Sierra as they set up Lexi and Jace. But there was a lot more to their story and it was truly beautiful.

It seriously was a story that made me feel warm and content and blessed to witness it. It made me envious of their love despite the fact I have the best husband ever, their story was just so perfect. I loved every part of it. And I know I will be looking back on this book for months with a goofy smile and contented sigh.

And even though I finished the book and had a major Fucking meltdown over the teaser for Ava’s story I am still besotted with the story of Sierra and Jeremy Banks. This is one journey I am so glad I was invited on.

I can't recommend it enough this really has been an incredible series.


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