I was so excited for the release of this book. I am so addicted to the Briarcrest Academy Series and I absolutely love the way Ilsa writes I knew that Dirty English would be amazing. And seriously how could it not be? Sexy, tattooed, English, fighter? May as well just take a hose to my panties before I even turn on my kindle with all that to look forward to.

"Get away from the hotness and tell your ovaries to settle down, my brain yelled"

And damn did Dirty English deliver. And the cover doesn’t hurt either.

From the very start of the prologue I was completely sucked in. I felt instant respect for this beautiful broken girl who was so determined to live life by her own rules and not let her past dictate her future. She was the perfect new adult heroine. 

Elizabeth had so many reasons to sit back and enjoy her own private pity party and there were so many times in this book she had reason to throw her hands up and say “Fuck it all.” And although she had moments of stubborn stupidity she was never one of those annoying pain in the ass characters that seem to be so common in college romance.

And of course Declan was perfection. But then who could ever doubt he would be? I actually spent the whole book trying to picture his sexy British accent every time he called her love. He had multiple moments I wanted to kick him in the dick but I think stupidity often strikes men in love so it was easy to forgive him, especially being inside his head and knowing what he is thinking and feeling when he is acting like a jack ass.

As always with Ilsa’s books the secondary characters are awesome and even though I hated half of them I loved the interactions between them all. And Shelley and Dax were the perfect balance of loyal support and ass kicking realism with a healthy dose of humour to make me love them.

But I have to be honest I have already developed a serious wet spot for Dax, so although this is currently a standalone I seriously hope we get a book or hell even a novella for him sooner rather than later. Please?

If you haven't yet read this book one click it here



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