I have been dying for this book since I finished Eyes Turned Skyward. I fell in love with this series from the start and I swear it just keeps getting better with every book.

I knew Grayson’s story was going to be a hard one but I didn’t expect it to be so completely soul destroying. I made the mistake of starting this book after dinner and then I couldn’t put it down. I have honestly woken up with a book hangover after crying until 4am.

It was obviously going to be an emotional read based on what little we knew of Grayson. He was such a closed off arsehole, I just knew he was going to have the mother of all reasons and Damn if Rebecca didn’t completely deliver.

 What would you do if you waited 5 years for a miracle you spent every minute praying for and living for only to have a new miracle drop into your arms when you least expect it.

And how would you choose if the miracle you always wanted came true and the miracle you never asked for were both yours for the taking?

Ordinarily this would be a theme that wouldn’t work for me but it was so beautifully written and told with such honesty and love that I was so completely invested in the story I never had a chance to feel anything but heartbroken for the amazing, perfectly broken characters and all they went through and were going through.

Sam was so strong and beautiful inside and out and I wanted her to get all that she deserved and more. 

This series is my absolute favourite ugly cry of the year and if you haven’t started it yet you need to get on it right now.

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