If anyone had ever asked me what could improve a C.P. Smith novel I would have said a massive unequivocal nothing. I mean it’s like she has the direct link to every one of my personal panty melting buttons. But then what does she have to go and do? Prove me wrong by going one better and adding in The Princess Bride.

 SEAL’s who can quote The Princess Bride. 

Sexy, muscled, badass SEAL’s quoting the Princess Bride. 

 As with every CP Smith book we got suspense, drama, insta-love, a macho alpha badass hero, a sweet but sassy heroine, awesome secondary characters and a gripping storyline you can’t put down. Then throw in rescue dogs, the Dread Pirate Roberts, Miracle Max and Mr Montoya and I am pretty sure my pleasure sensors hit overload and exploded.

This book was just Fucking perfection. I really feel like that’s enough said.

You have to one click this right now and dive right in you will thank me for it.



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