Damn. Helena's books really need to come with a warning. Something along the lines of don't read this in public unless you want to be considered crazy and don't read this with a full bladder unless you want to make a puddle.

Luckily I only needed the first warning, but then again most people around me are used to my random bursts of laughter or tears.

It feels like forever since I read Pucked but as I started reading this it all came flooding back to me. And the first thing I felt was fear. In Pucked we were pretty solidly introduced to Buck and it was obvious he was a nice guy and an awesome brother but since he was a huge fan of the puck bunnies he was going to be a shitty boyfriend.

And watching him start to change his ways when he met Sunny in Pucked I was expecting things to pick up with them together. But when this started with him smashed at a club I thought my heart was going to be crushed before the book even started.

Of course I should have had more faith. And as the book progressed so did my yeti love.

Buck was so beautiful, I think I have to add him to the book boyfriend list. I think Sunny sums it up best when she says he is a lightning rod for slutty women. He seriously could not catch a break.

Sunny is hard for me to pin down my feelings on. For the most part I completely got where she was coming from and if I am being honest I probably wouldn't have been any different but since this is told entirely in Buck's pov it was easy to be annoyed by her at times.

But then she is so sweet and open and honest and caring I would go straight back to loving her and wanting her to get it together and sort out her shit.

I loved how much we saw of Violet and I seriously think I could be best friends with that crazy bitch if she could morph from the pages but until then I will have to just enjoy her as the series goes on.

This book was so laugh out loud funny and the injuries and accidents had me wincing and laughing I honestly couldn't put it down.

I am expecting the next book to be Lily and Randy and I can't wait.

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