I went into this wanting a full on growly alpha hockey player like I have gotten from a lot of Sawyer's other novels. The first thing I have to say is that is not at all what I got but I have to admit I am not disappointed.

I think if I hadn't just read off limits I might have enjoyed this a little more but Emily and Nix were a hard act to follow and Linc just never hit the mark for me.

I was expecting a man whoring asshole that I would love to hate, then swoon all over or even a reformed man whore and he wasn't either. Obviously I already knew he was a nice guy but I also knew he was a bit of a man whore with no intentions of settling down so I really did expect a bit more of a fight from him or even maybe Insta love.

And I never really warmed to Ever.  But then I think it really is more a case of it's not you its me with this one since I read this book after spending an hour trying to figure out what to read and decided on this one because I had loved both the cold fury series and the off series so much I figured this one would hit the mark without bothering to read the blurb.

I wasn't chasing the angst and drama this made me feel, so rather than getting lost in it like I would any other time I nit picked and didn't overlook things that ordinarily wouldn't bother me.

Now with all that said I know for a fact I will read every hockey book Sawyer writes, and I will love them. I will 100% recommend this series to anyone who wants a sports romance, I just won't waste a Sawyer Bennett book on a bad day when I should know better than to read anything other than complete smut.


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