It really should be no surprise that I loved Sacked considering how badly I was addicted to the Woodlands series but geez was it fucking perfection. I mean seriously it gave me wet panties, stomach jitters and a warm contented happy feeling from start to end. 

Honestly the tale has been told a thousand, million times. Star college athlete falls for team mates sister and drama ensues and I love those stories but this was so much more. And then some. 

Knox was the king of amazeballs. He had every quality I love in a new adult man whore hero except he was that rare and thought mystical creature …………. A virgin. 

And he was written to panty soaking perfection. I seriously think my ovaries exploded. 

Unlike the rare other stories where the hero is a virgin there was nothing nervous or unsure about Knox. He knew who he was and he owned it. 

And despite the absolute truest form of insta love ever it never felt like anything but true love. As soon as Knox met Ellie he felt it, but he didn’t try to do anything or say anything other than let Ellie get to know him and fall for him. 

Ellie, I mean seriously what can I tell you about Ellie? She was, despite her family and past, perfection. She was strong, sweet, loving, sexy, caring, PERFECT 

I love that there was drama but no doubt, no angst or stupid miscommunications or any of the standard new adult college romance novel plot twists. There was no other person, no ex drama or third party trying to get involved. It was just a solid story with real life issues, consequences and I loved it. From start to finish. I seriously hope the rest of this series will be based around the warrior’s we have already met as I would love to see more of them and hopefully they are smart and fall for Riley, hint hint Jen get writing honey. 

This is a must read book for anyone who loves new adult romance. And while you’re one clicking it be sure to check out the Woodlands series.


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