I absolutely love Ginger Scott’s writing. I fell in love with her Falling Series so hard and I added this to my tbr pile and stalked her between books. And although I one clicked it and looked at it every time I looked for my next book to read I kept putting it off. I knew it would destroy me and I needed to find the time to hide away with it.

Well I wasn’t wrong, it destroyed me from the start, but it wasn’t at all what I expected from the blurb and in all honesty I am glad I went into it semi blind. Every twist in the story, every new tragedy, every piece of angst hit me like I was living it.

Kensi was so undeserving of the things that befell her yet she never once made it about her and I think that’s why I loved her so hard. She didn’t break and she kept fighting for the people she loved.

Owen, well, he had his arsehole , man whore moments but then I love that in a book boyfriend so it really just made me love him even more when he showed his true nature and let himself love Kensi.

This was an awesome book despite the puffy eyes from all the ugly tears I have cried and just further cements my crush on the amazing Ginger. 

Fucking loved it.



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