Hmmm I am not really sure what to say or where to start with this one. I guess I should start at the beginning and for me that is Prick. I fucking loved it. And I had to read the rest of the series and to be honest it's been a little bit of a love hate relationship.

But as far as this book goes I think Sabrina summed it up when she said it was the most over the top of the series. And I absolutely agree with her but it's fiction and I enjoyed the over the top ness of the whole thing.

I loved the main characters and I loved the lack of drama and angst. And I was drawn in and invested from the very beginning. Albie was perfectly annoying and aggravating and entitled and just perfect. And Belle was frustrating and irritating and sweet and I really liked her.

Aside from Prince Albert’s Prince Albert I also loved that he was pretty damn good at the dirty talk and there was plenty of smoking hot sex to keep my panties wet.

But what I hated and what dropped my rating was the editing. And I am not referring to grammatical errors or spelling issues, I am talking about getting characters names WRONG repeatedly. Was the bodyguards name fucking Simon or Martin? Don't call the PR lady who is previously unintroduced by the main characters names. It pisses me off when I have to re-read a page repeatedly to realise it's a fuck up and it pulls me from the book for pages. And the bodyguards name had me flipping pages and ranting to my uninterested husband.

Ok rant over. Here's the thing, despite that I really enjoyed this book. But if you're going to have the same issue I did or if you can't stand an over the top storyline then maybe give this one a miss. That said I seriously did struggle to put this down today so if you think you can ignore those things this is well worth the read.

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