This was a perfect, sweet and funny holiday novella that had me laughing out loud from the very beginning.

Sam was such a great character and he dealt with all the family drama so perfectly I was half in love with him from the moment he was groped in the foyer.

Noel’s family were classic. I loved them all so much I wanted to move in and join in the madness and mayhem. It was impossible not to love them all just purely for their quirkiness.

Noel was slightly on the annoying side but she did entirely redeem herself at the end and being a novella and such a funny one at that I didn't really notice until I tried to explain her now so I guess she gets a pass.

The amount of times I was in fits of laughter made this book worth every cent. If you're looking for a feel good sweet, sexy,funny holiday read you have to one click this.


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