Wow I am absolutely blown away that this is Scarlett Cole’s debut novel. It was so well written and the characters were so well developed and the story so gripping it felt like she has been doing this forever.

From the second I picked it up I was sucked in and I couldn’t put it down until I had finished it at 3am this morning. Books like this are why I read romance novels.

Unfortunately I was stupid and after reading the blurb I figured this book was going to be super angsty and soul destroying and I put it in the angst collection on my kindle and just haven’t been in the mood for anything heavy since. But then yesterday I was in a mood and couldn’t figure out what to read and this was the first one that jumped out at me and now I have to confess I am a fucking idiot.

Despite the heavy theme and the sad circumstances this book didn’t have me ugly crying (a few small tears don’t count right?) and I felt nothing but warm fuzzies and love and hope for these beautiful characters.

Trent was beautiful and I loved that it wasn’t insta love but he felt a connection and he didn’t ignore it or do anything but build the connection and it just made me love him more and more and more. He was sweet and sensitive and just fucking perfect.

Harper started out broken and watching her growth and strength was inspiring. She was such a beautiful, open, caring person from the start but her journey was a hard one and I loved that she never gave in to her fear or circumstances. Although most of the credit really should go to the amazing and patient way Trent handled and treated her.

The secondary characters were such a part of the story I feel as invested in them as I do Trent and Harper and I absolutely can’t wait until January for the next installment in this amazing group of people.

However I am gonna be honest and say there were a few of my pet peeves in this book that would normally have me spitting the dummy and dropping this book to a 3 or 4 star rating they were completely understandable and justified in this novel so I will mention them and build a bridge.
So heres my peeves.

Harper cried (a lot). I know that sounds cold the book is about this traumatic thing she has been through that has led her to be standing in front of Trent’s tattoo parlour but I am a suffer in silence, cry in your pillow believer and Harper cried ………………… a lot. Now I can honestly say despite the fact I am mentioning this yes it happened but when I found myself rolling my eyes, rather than being annoyed at the book I was wondering WTF was wrong with me that I was noticing she was crying and then I wanted to cuddle her and give her chocolate and make it all better. So it worked and actually made me respect her more. Weird right?

And the other thing is stupid misunderstandings from lack of communication. Yeah this book had that. And normally that sends me off into rant mode about the stupidity of humanity. But you know what they were stupid misunderstandings but the lack of communication is 100% understandable and added to the story perfectly rather than taking away from it.

So even though it had factors that are on my shit list this book pulled a perfect 5 star rating because it made it well rounded and added depth and made it more realistic and I loved it so hard, it will be with me for ages.

You honestly need to run out and one click it right now.


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