Well it’s no surprise this book is amazing. The whole series has been nothing but perfection and Levi was without doubt the sweetest and most deserving of all the Carillo brothers.

I think going into this one, after having seen him go through so much pain and heartache in his brothers books and knowing how pure and innocent he was and the gentleness and pureness of his heart I knew he was going to need to find extraordinary.

But of course after she made us like the previously hated Axel I knew she would not disappoint me but damn did she blow it right out of the park with this story. Add to that the continuation of the Carillo brother’s reunion and Molly and Rome it couldn’t have been better.

In each of the books we have had not just amazing characters but also an incredible story to accompany them all and getting to see it from every one of their individual perspectives has been nothing short of brilliant. How Tillie has not just brought each character to life but has also made each of their struggles or issues so real and individual is awe inspiring.

If like me, you started this series at the beginning you know who Levi is and everything he has faced in his too short and way too sad life and you want him to find a perfect angel. Instead he finds Elsie, and she is far from perfect, she is even more broken than Levi is but she is such a truly beautiful soul she compliments him perfectly.

As with every book in this series I needed to read it in a safe place with a box of tissues handy and despite the fact I had to stop often to clear the tears from my eyes so I could make out the words on my kindle I loved every single word. I couldn’t put it down and this story will be with me for a long time as each of the previous characters has.

If you haven’t yet started this series you seriously have to race out and one click them all right now they are all 10 plus star reads.


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