Aly Martinez has been one of my automatic one click favorite authors since the first time I picked up one of her books. And this series has only proven to cement that even further. How she so flawlessly manages to weave drama, suspense, action, heartbreak, romance and lust into these books is beyond me.

I always know going in that I am going to be so caught up in the book I won't be able to put it down. But every time I finish one I am still stunned to have to come back to reality.

 If this book hadn't been dual point of view I am sure I would have hated one if not both main characters. There were so many times I would be reading and get upset over the other person's actions only to then read their point of view and be upset with the first person. To be fair this was due to my much hated lack of communication between the characters but for whatever reason I didn't even think about it as I was reading, I was too hooked into the story.

I loved Lark so much I really could not have gotten enough of him. He was the perfect growling, possessive, clueless guy that I always love. I have to admit that although I liked Mira she annoyed me for a lot of the book and I had more than a few eye-roll moments where I really wanted someone to shake her. But of course the writing was so perfect that I would turn the page and forgive her.

I loved that we got a lot of secondary characters that I already knew and of course catching up with the Guardian guys could never disappoint. Plus the little hints towards the next book have me off to stalk Aly to see how long we have to wait for this awesome series to continue.


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