So that was a lot more emotional than I was expecting it to be, although in all honesty I am at the stage where I cry at ads on TV and they don't even have to be the cute toilet paper kind. And to be fair it's also not like I don't know that Lauren Layne has the ability to write a story that runs me through the wringer its more the fact I made the assumption that this was going to be super light hearted and funny and maybe for people not 2 million weeks pregnant it was.

I loved the characters and immediately liked Jordan, even though her job was to try to capitalize from other people's lives she was so caring and considerate. Luke was a bit of an arse and unlike my normal self where that would work for me I never really warmed up to him. Luckily the secondary characters were awesome and with so many of them they all had an impact on my feels for this book. I am sincerely hoping Simon will be in the next book.

Overall I really enjoyed the story and despite it not being what I was expecting it was the perfect read for a lazy day on the couch. And now I am dying to get my hands on the next one.



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