I first fell for Kylie Scott’s writing when a book friend demanded I read Flesh and I loved it. I immediately devoured the series and I knew this was an author I would love everything she wrote.

So I added Lick to my tbr mountain and one clicked it, then I picked it up and put it down because to be honest I kind of am over rockstars. Then Dirty came along and I had to have it. I again added it to the tbr and one clicked it then left it because I knew it was a spin off and I thought I should read the Stage Dive series first.

But then I kept seeing awesome reviews and reading the blurb and I figured fuck it I was reading Dirty. So now I have to ask what the hell is wrong with me that I waited so long to read this.

Vaughan oh my fucking god Vaughan. Seriously where do I sign up for one of those? The preconceived notions I had of what he would be like were so far off the mark. He was awesome.

But Lydia was even better. I love heroines who are strong and feisty and know who they are and despite a few mistakes Lydia was perfect. She owned her fuck ups and went after what she wanted. There were no games or immature petty bullshit or worrying about propriety. She just knew how she felt and went with it. I loved her.

And I seriously loved all of the characters who were involved in the dive bar. They all felt so real and genuine. I got so caught up in the story I couldn’t put it down until I had read the last word and even then my head was still in this world that Kylie Scott created and I know I have to read all of these other books asap.


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