So I kind of went AWOL there for the last few months and I have to be honest there were a lot of times I didn't think I was going to come back. But here I am kinda.

I have started and stopped and deleted and rewritten this post half a dozen times but I guess the easiest way to write this is to go back to the beginning and throw it all out there. My husband and our four kids have been involved in foster care for a bit now and we generally love it, when it isn't breaking our heart that is. Anyway early last year we were asked to provide emergency care for a family of six kids for 2 weeks while the department set them up in a house with permanent carers. So I moved into holiday accommodation and had weekend visits with hubby and our kids. Nine weeks later I came home, not that I can complain as the kids I was looking after were amazing.

As you can imagine I came back exhausted and run down and a little fluey and hubby and I decided to have a month off work and spend some family time. Of course best laid plans and all that. Before we could relax we were asked to take on emergency care for two young boys for two weeks. Quick family meeting had us all in. But then before the boys could land we were asked to take on a newborn baby girl for four weeks. Naturally we said yes.

So I spent the two days before they arrived getting rooms ready and scheduling all the blog posts I was able to thinking I would just blog in the evenings when everyone was sleeping. What I didn't count on was not being able to keep my eyes open after running around after extremely active 3 and 4 year old boys and being woken up every three to four hours to watch hubby feed a newborn. So sadly I left my beloved blog for dead and focused on keeping my eyes open and putting one foot in front on the other.

Finally the constant exhaustion and lingering flu had hubby sending me off to the doctors where SURPRISE guess who is pregnant!?!

And now, here we are nearly six months later. 32 weeks pregnant, our emergency care of our two little trouble maker boys is looking at being long term and our four week care of our little angel has been extended for 6 to 12 months with us all praying we get to keep her forever.

But more importantly here I am missing blogging and reviewing and seeing if I can ease back into it a lot more casually than I was now that we have a routine that is semi working for us. Not that everything is roses and rainbows but we are at the point we have more good days than bad and summer holidays are starting to wind down so we will have two whole days a week where everyone but Miss Skittles is at school. Not that I am counting down the days. (20 in case you're curious)


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