Aurora Rose Reynolds is my top go to author. Since the first time I picked up Until November I have been obsessed (probably a bad choice of words for any of the Mayson family romance). She just writes exactly the type of book I want to read.


The characters are always beautiful, amazing people I wish I knew, and the stories have me so invested in what's going to happen next I can't put them down. Which is a blessing and a curse, because I get a book, I love but then I have to wait forever for the next one to be written.


May and Aiden were awesome, and I really loved the circumstances that they met under. Of course, May being a Mayson means they are destined for happenings and hijinks and I spent the whole book going back and forth on what I thought was going to happen next. Aiden was, of course, a growling, possessive, protective alpha hero to add to the swoon.


I seriously loved it. Add in the secondary characters and the perfect epilogue and I want to go back to the start and read it all over again for the first time.


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