Abbi Glines is amazing, I absolutely love her work but I need to be in the right head space to read them as I know going in that I will be entirely sucked into the story and will feel every single emotion and there's always guaranteed to be a time I will sit crying like a little bitch during the read. 

The only real issue I have is I am an idiot and while I couldn't not read any of these books I tend to only read them every so often. I loved The Too Far series and read them all in a big rush and missed this one so I kinda had a small inkling into it but nothing that even slightly dampened the story just that there seems to be a load of run offs and while I want to read them all my OCD freaks out when I have to go back a few books in a series cause I missed it while I was caught up and obsessing over the series starting couple. All that rant said I guess that just means I have to read the next book in Della and Woods story before Grant and Harlow kick off and suck me into their world.

I have loved Woods since I first read about him in the Too Far series and I knew he was going to be awesome as he has always had that protective care giving streak that I love in these guys. What blew the top off it was his dirty talking added to the mix. I don't see how anyone can resist that combination and reading Woods I have to admit I love him more than Rush but we will have to see how he fairs against Grant ;)

See you all in Rosemary Beach soon babes.


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