I stumbled upon Maggie Rawdon by complete accident and became obsessed. And since I was lucky enough to get in early, I feel like I've watched her writing develop. That said, I am not an analytical reader, I like what I like, and sometimes that's something I wouldn't like a week before. For me getting in early is normally a bad thing because I have to wait for each book to be written rather than just stalking the back catalogue. But I can honestly say in this instance I've noticed the growth and it's lined up beautifully with my reading kinks.


This book was soo hot. Like unbelievably need to put it down because I was squirming in public, and hubby was very aware of my issue. Which I wasn't expecting from the blurb. I was kind of worried about the whole brother’s ex thing but honestly I couldn't have cared less once I started reading it.


Coop was everything. He was an amazing father and I loved seeing the relationship between Coop and Lizzy along with the snips of co-parenting with Lizzy's mum. And the way Beatrix fit in with them was perfect. But Coop, not the father, was beyond words. He was jealous and possessive and protective and the way he let her set the pace while still pushing her for more.


Beatrix was so genuine. She felt her pain, but she didn't let it control her actions. I seriously enjoyed watching her share her story with Coop and being so open and honest about her feelings made her even better.


I loved every minute of reading this book and I can't recommend it more. I would just suggest reading it in private with no distractions.




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