Havoc Wilde

Release Date: August 22



He shattered my trust, now he swears to protect me.


Jeremiah Blackwood is a silent storm brewing at St. Charles University. Surrounded by brothers as ruthless as himself, Jeremiah is a paradox of empathy and cold calculation. But his carefully structured life changes when Oakley Ashford, his former best friend’s younger sister and also the one girl who holds a vendetta against him, steps into his territory.


Oakley carries the weight of betrayal and loss like armor. When life turns cruel after her brother disappears it leaves her shattered. Oakley's move from St. James University to St. Charles seems like a wicked twist of fate. To Oakley, she wants her life back even if it means dealing with her enemy to claim it.


Loyalty is a commodity and secrets wield destruction, Oakley has to decide between sin and betrayal, and Jeremiah must face the ghosts of his own past.


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Meet Havoc Wilde

Havoc Wilde is not just an author; she's a whirlwind of creativity and passion. With a penchant for exploring the darker side of love and obsession, her novels often blur the lines between passion and madness. 

Unapologetically bold, Havoc's writing is a mirror to her pseudonym - wild, untamed, and irresistibly captivating.


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