This series is one that kind of snuck up on me. I find dark romance really hit and miss but so far everything I've read from this author has been a hit. I couldn't wait to see the story of Winter and Asher unfold. I have loved everything about their tension in the previous books and this just made me like them even more.


Winter has always been the ultimate ice queen and I honestly had this picture in my head that the banter between Winter and Asher was left over sexual tension from a previous encounter. And so, I started this book not expecting the animosity to be so strong. Learning where it had come from and seeing it for what it really was had me loving both characters.


Asher was just coming back into his role as an ice god. But he was still his normal confident, self-assured self. Whereas Winters confidence was all a facade to cover her insecurity and fears. 


Asher and Winter came together in a way that I wouldn't have expected. And the things I was expecting to be issues weren't. Which was lucky because there was so much that I wasn't expecting going on that I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to see what's next from this author.



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