Worth the Fight (MMA Fighter, #1)Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A huge  photo 420ec89e-a146-43a8-b912-4c3058158e2b_zpsc4400024.jpgto Vi for giving us a copy to review.

As anyone that knows us knows most of us LOVE a fighter so this book was pushed right up the TBR list and we were not disappointed.

Can I start by saying holy shit Nico. There is nothing about that man that didn't make me wet. He is sex on a stick with as much sweet thrown in to make all women swoon or come depending on the type of woman ;) He had the jealous, possessive alpha down to an art.
“I’ve wanted to come inside of you so badly it hurts. Feel that clenching little pussy slide up and down my bare cock. I need in. Now”

“Mine.” It’s the first word he says to me, and the last before his lips crash down on me in the most wildly, sensual, seductive, possessive kiss I’ve ever had.

“Yours.” I respond breathlessly.

 photo mmahands_zpsd6ab59b0.jpg

Elle has been on a safe flat line for years until Nico. And together they are the perfect complement to each other. She is sweet and sassy and is the right amount of broken for them both to become the most amazing whole together.

I absolutely can’t wait to read Vinny’s story when it comes out. I think it’s slightly masochistic to introduce him to us now then make us wait forever for him but after this book I am more than positive it will be worth the wait.

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