Another perfect book by the amazing Aurora but then what else could we expect?

Nico was another perfect Mayson Man and from the second he saw Sophie we knew we could expect the perfect growling alpha to stake his claim and make our ovaries weep.

I have to admit I am a Mayson man whore but I think of all of them Nico definitely made me wring my panties out the most. I mean 6’3 chiseled from stone, tattoos from shoulders to toes, fauxhawk,ed, bounty hunting god. Yup I am drooling again just picturing him in my head (sorry honey)

Sophie was maybe the weakest link of Aurora’s women but I think her softness was the perfect contrast to all that was Nico. And she was far from the annoying, na├»ve virgin you normally encounter in romance books, she just wasn’t November strong but hey it worked. And seriously who could resist all that was Nico. 

As always the characters were awesome and perfectly complemented by the 4 paws variety. I just love that image of a big strong tattooed guy with the cute little fluffy, that so works for me and one of the first things that made me sign up for the official Aurora Stalkers group was the fact that she makes her pooches characters and ties them in so well they are integral to the story and I just fucking love it. 


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