Once again another one of the amazing Mayson brothers finds his lady and makes my panties wet. I am so, so, so in lust with this series and am expecting my restraining order in the mail any day now from the beautiful Aurora.

So why only 4.5 stars you ask? I didn’t get my dog (what can I say she set me up to expect one)

Other than that it was perfection. And to be honest I am surprised. After reading the teaser in the back of Until Trevor I was expecting to not be a big Cash fan. I mean, I know why he did what he did and I kinda understood it but the way he did it pissed me off and I was partially hoping Lilly was gonna make earrings out of his balls for it. But of course he is a Mayson and there isn’t a lady alive who could deny one of those boys what they want.

I loved that Cash was a little bit kinkier than the norm and as much as I do love the mouths on these boys, Cash knew just what to say to have a girl squirming in her seat.

Lilly was so sweet and amazing, I fell in love with her straight away. And I loved that although she was a lot softer than the other Mayson ladies she still had a solid backbone. And despite everything she went through and all the things that were thrown at her she still kept her sweetness.

And now, as she does so well ,Aurora has me holding my breath and fidgeting madly, waiting on Until Nico as the teaser was awesome. Well played babe.

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