Beautiful Broken Rules (Broken, #1)Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It seems like every NA book I read is a 20 something pure as the driven snow, stupid as a hat full of assholes blonde virgin who doesn’t realise she looks like Miranda Kerr and I was so sick of it. But then along comes Beautiful Broken Rules and I was over my tantie and loving life

Emerson Moore is my kinda girl. She is definitely no sweet, na├»ve, virginal little victim and I loved that for once the school slut got her story told with a big fat HEA to make the world see you don’t have to be perfect to deserve happiness.

On hearing her rules I was sure we were going to hear about her broken heart or the jackass ex who screwed her over but no, her rules aren’t to protect her or prevent her from falling in love they are there to prevent anyone else from thinking they can have more from her than she is prepared to give them.

Then along comes Jax who is determined to crash through all her barriers and who can blame her in tripping over her own rules to get under him? At first sight Jax knows he wants to own her body and soul.

Will you be my boyfriend, Jaxon Riley?” I laughed at him and my ridiculousness.His face relaxed into a happy-contented look and he quietly responded, “Baby, I thought you’d never ask.”

I slowly uncurled them to read his message, which was written boldly across the expanse of my palm. One word that screamed a whole lot more. Mine

Jax was the perfect balance of sweet and dominant to make me swoon. I always love a leading man who is all possessive and growling and Jax didn’t disappoint. The hand written notes and the sweet comments were the perfect compliment to the throw her over his shoulder and drag her off to the bedroom moments.

And the supporting characters were great. I maybe would have liked to see a bit more on them but I can’t wait to see Jace’s story unfold in Hopefully we will see more of Emerson and Jax and get to follow them a bit more.


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