I received this ARC from the beautiful Elizabeth after she saw my mini meltdown on a friends review when I realised this book was nearly due for release. And I honestly went into it knowing only 3 things.
  •  It would destroy me with the depth of emotion Elizabeth always makes me feel for her characters
  •  My GR friends who had read it had loved it
  •  There would be smoking hot sex and an amazing ending that would make all the tears and feels well worth it.

And now that I have finished it, all of those things are confirmed and more.

Normally I get a little lost when timelines skip back and forth but this one just flowed so smoothly and blended together so perfectly, it built the angst and drama and suspense to such perfect levels that not only was it easy to follow but it was an amazing process to see what the characters had been through and how they had dealt with it all.

The story of Kane and his Hell (AKA Helene) was a hard one to hear and having it drip fed to me made my mind wander trying to guess what was coming next. At times I felt like I was in a Criminal Minds episode but it was happening to people I knew and loved, so I felt every action to the depths of my soul. And despite the tears streaming down my face as we walked through the past I couldn’t help but also feel like everything was going to be ok since we saw them in the present reconnecting and working through everything that had happened to them.

Elizabeth’s men are always king of the arseholes and as much as she makes me hate them she also shows us their depth of character and makes us realise exactly why they behave like they do and it’s hard not to want to love them and cuddle them and tell them they deserve more than they give themselves credit for. As well as kick them in their happy place and then jump on and ride them. And Kane was the epitome of all of that. I loved him almost as much as I hated his actions. 

Helene was perfectly imperfect and she dealt with her past and present colliding with such inner strength it was amazing watching her overcome the obstacles in her path and fight for everything she wanted and deserved.

If you aren’t already a fan of Elizabeth Finn’s then I suggest you pre-order this book right now and while you’re waiting one click Brothers Keeper.


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