I suppose I should start this review with a confession. I skimmed over the blurb for this book and thought it was another step brother romance with sport thrown in and since I had been on a bit of a roll with both of these themes I started this one. So if you were smart enough to read more than the first line of the blurb you already know that is not what I got.

With that said I am far from disappointed, it definitely wasn't what I was expecting and to be honest even now I have finished the book and read the blurb I think I still wouldn't have gotten what I was expecting.

To say the leading lady was a little left of centre is a bit of an understatement, she is completely pucking nuts and for the most part I loved it, however there were a few instances I wanted to slap her, hard, like really hard. But then I would end up giggling over her next stupid exploit and I would forget she annoyed me.

Being an Aussie we really don't get ice hockey at all but Helena gave me enough to make me want a hockey player of my own but not so much I got lost in the lingo.

And Alex was pretty much all around perfect. Enough said.

So if you're in the mood for a slightly strange story that will deliver a yummy sports star, a super hero monster cock, a lot of beavers and massive amounts of humour this is absolutely the book.


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