So it has become apparent I am in the middle of a massive new adult phase and I seem to be blessed as I have picked nothing but amazing novels the last few days. I even managed to almost convince myself I was going slightly (ok maybe slightly is an understatement but I mean slightly more than an average day ) insane when the 2 books I read back to back by 2 different authors overlapped a storyline. But reading the last authors acknowledgements I think I can hold off on the doctor’s appointment and just love the freak coincidence that lead me to reading these 2 books back to back.

So if you have read the blurb for Dearest Clementine you know that Clem might be a little on the bitch side, but you also know she has plenty of reasons. But there’s so much more to Clem you don’t know that make you absolutely love her. She and I have nothing in common but I still felt like I was living her story right along with her and everything that happened to her and every time she was let down or freaked out I wanted to scream in frustration for her. Maybe there were times I wanted to flick her on the forehead and tell her to pull up her big girl panties and go to war for herself but then she would do exactly that and I would have to sit back with a stupid grin and give her an atta girl.

Gavin, oh amazing, wonderful, sweet, Gavin. You dumb ass. As soon as I met Gavin my panties dropped and I was sold. He was so perfect I just wanted to wrap him up and steal him and keep him in my book boyfriend box. And then he wasn’t. But being that this was  a NA novel and he had been so amazing I knew there was a reason but as the pages turned I almost convinced myself that there wasn’t a good enough reason, given all that we know of Clem’s past he had to know what he was doing was stupid and I so wanted to junk punch him.

I have to admit that from the start I had a very solid feeling I knew what the conclusion to the underlying drama was going to be and as it was all revealed and I was right I didn’t feel like this was a negative in any way. Maybe that was because the author led us there step by step to reinforce how absolutely perfect Gavin was.

I would have liked to see more of a conclusion in regards to Clem’s relationship with her parents as well as maybe some resolution with Daren but maybe we will see some of that in Jax’s story which is told next in Finding Dandelion which I am running off to read right now.


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