I seriously wasn’t sure I could like this book. I mean I have been waiting for it for what feels like forever (yes my patience is saint worthy) but Sawyer made me think Zack and Gina were this beautiful perfect couple when we met them in previous books and I cried big ugly shuddering sobs when Gina passed away for poor Zack and little Ben. So when I read the teaser for this and then the blurb I was convinced there would be no way I could read it without hating something major and I was scared cause I really didn’t want my love affair with this series to end.

I mean honestly from the first this series has been amazeballs. Steaming hot hockey players, amazingly sweet and sexy heroines and just enough angst to kept me invested but not so much I wanted to slap a bitch.

But Geez did Sawyer skate that line so perfectly that Zack managed to come through not just as a perfect Daddy but also the right level of respectful grief and sexy, validating new love. 

It’s always hard when you go into a book knowing that the hero is still in mourning for his love. Everyone has their own opinion on how soon is too soon and how much is too much that when a book starts off like that it’s almost a lottery as to whether or not one or both are going to look like a douche.

Add on the fact that all of these books have had some hands in pants sexiness, I just wasn’t sure it could be the same but BAM perfection. From the second I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. I needed to know how Kate was going to get her much deserved HEA.

And as always we got to catch up with the Cold Fury family as well as get a new member who’s book is up next. And yet again he is a devoted single Daddy. Can’t wait.


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