From the start this series could be counted on for sexy, uber alpha fighters, who love as hard as they fight. And this book was no different. The characters are awesome, the storylines are addictive and the writing is perfect. And we get to see a little more of our favourites as well as a few of our not so favourites.

Sia is the much loved and very over protected sister of Fuzzy, who has been quietly lusting over the very sexy Predator forever. What she doesn’t realise is Predator more than lives up to his name and not only has he noticed Sia’s fascination he has his own and is more than willing to make her his prey.

As with all of the sexy men of Redemption once Ray AKA Predator set his sights on Sia she didn’t have a chance. But with both of them bringing enough baggage to fill a plane neither of them is prepared to let this be more than a quick itch scratch.

But of course there is always a twist and you will just have to read the book to find out about it.

However I will tell you Ray lived up to his fellow fighters with his uber-alpha talk and his claims of mine more than enough to keep me squirming and page flipping until it was done.

And now I am just praying we will finally get a book for Fuzzy or Doctor Death or well really any of them would be good as long as it’s soon. 


  1. I love how character driven this sounds, and the whole cast seems like a hot bunch! Great review, Carmen! Glad you liked it! :)

    1. Thanks Giselle. This series has been so hot it's awesome and the characters have all been great. Loved it.


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