It takes a lot of talent to take a character who is highly unlikable and make her a princess. But Ginger Scott did all that and more. This series has absolutely been one of the best New Adult series I have read this year.

When we first meet Paige in This is Falling she was highly unlikable and I was so relieved when she moved out to join the Delta’s and we didn’t have to hear from her, I kind of hoped she would just drop out of the series altogether. Then we saw a little more of her selfish, nastiness in You and Everything After and I wanted her to be hit by a bus.

But the thing that had me holding my breath waiting for this final instalment in a series that has kept me rapt from the first page was the teaser at the end of You and Everything After.

As I read this I was reminded of one of my favourite quotes from Making Faces  “everyone is a main character to someone” and I got the opportunity to see Paige through the eyes of Houston. As well as see the actions I had judged so harshly from her point of view rather than just seeing the fallout they created for other people.

And I found myself wanting her friends and family to see everything she was going through and help her. But Paige isn’t a princess in need of rescuing, she is more than capable of saving herself and it was an absolute pleasure to watch her strength and character grow. And to see her realise how phenomenal she is. 

From the second I met Houston I loved him. He was the perfect gentleman without putting up with Paige’s bullshit or coming across as weak. Houston’s life was hard and his history was devastating but he was such an amazing knight in shining armour and the other parts of his life just made him a very solid candidate for Book Boyfriend of the Year.

I am truly devastated to see the end of this series but I am excited to now have a new go to author after discovering these books. So if you’re a fan of New Adult or College romance these are a must read.


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