Ok so I finished Dearest Clementine yesterday and I was hooked. I HAD to write a review, I had to tell people how much I loved this amazing book and how awesome the characters were, there was no other option. And honestly that is the only reason I blog. Because every now and then I will read a book that I just have to tell anyone and everyone who will listen that they HAVE to read this book or this series and the people around me are so used to my ranting they all just tune me out.

So I finished Dearest Clementine, I wrote my blog, I twittered and twattered and then I one clicked Finding Dandelion and Kissing Madeline and I jumped right back in. 

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about Jax from the start and we didn’t really know Dani much but the reviews on them were a mixed bag of OMG this books amazing and Jax is such a douche-canoe he should burn in hell, so I wasn’t sure it was going to be up my alley. Luckily I was already hooked like the bookwhore I am and had it all loaded waiting for me so I HAD to read it to see.

In Dearest Clementine I saw Jax as a complete narcissist who maybe was trying to find his way back to being the guy he wanted to be. But then maybe I just wanted to think that’s what I saw in him, I do so love a reformed man-whoring arsehole. Getting to know him in this book there were more times than not I wanted Dani to kick him in his soccer balls and move on. Then we would get in his head and I would feel sorry for the giant dumb ass and hope he could pull it together.

Dani was such a sweetheart and I loved her from dot. She really did deserve a lot more than Jax gave her but she was such an amazing person her forgiveness and understanding aren’t hard to believe.  The last 20% of this book was amazing and all of the emotions and angst and laughs and heartache reinforced how grateful I am that I am a reader. 

 “Jax,” I whisper, “thanks for coming to Chicago to find me.”
I close my eyes as he pulls me closer, and I nestle my head against his chest and listen to his heartbeat.
“Dandelion, I’m starting to think you’re the one who found me.” 

I do have to complain that we didn’t get enough Jax and Dani together time at the end of the novel but then I am sure we are going to see some of them in Daren’s story right? The addition of some amazing secondary characters in this book was great but I did miss seeing the secondary characters I loved from Dearest Clementine. However now I am busy praying that Travis will get his own book or even just a kick ass novella please Lex please?

Anyway I guess I better get to Kissing Madeline since I did crave a conclusion to Daren after reading Dearest Clementine but I gotta tell you his fiancé better get eaten by sharks in a feeding frenzy or have a piano dropped on her from a 9 story window or syphilis even or I am going to be very disappointed.

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