I remember like it was yesterday the first time I picked up an Aurora Rose Reynolds ARC. It was Until November and I was blown away that this was her debut novel and I was one of the first to read it. It was pure perfection. It was like she looked inside my brain and found the perfect characters and story line to push all my own very personal buttons and I became obsessed.

Every new book she released I had to have it, I had to read it as soon as I got it and I had to finish it as soon as I started it. Her Until series is one of my all-time favourites and I loved the idea of following the story onto their kids. And I should have had no doubt that it would be perfect. I mean the list of authors who give me characters that I love from the first, who make my panties wet is only topped by 1 or 2 before Aurora’s name is there surrounded by highlighter and asterisk's.

Obviously anyone Raised by Asher and November had to be amazeballs and July did not disappoint. She is my favourite female lead at the moment. I love that she became a vet, that absolutely made my day. She was the perfect mix of strong and independent while still being feminine and sweet. But of course with how much I love her parents it would be very hard to imagine them raising anything but hell raising strong willed girls who very much know their own mind.

 And Wes was, as you would expect from Aurora, the perfect growling, possessive, dirty-talking alpha. He was the perfect blend of all round good guy and dirty, bad ass biker.

As with all of her books the addition of their much loved and mentioned pets always make my association with them that much stronger. As weird as I am sure a lot of people will find it whenever I meet people without pets I always wonder what’s wrong with them. So whenever I pick up one of these books knowing we will have them added as characters is such a major plus I love it and I love the characters that much more for it.

There were a few things in here I would have like to see expanded and closed off and I felt the ending was a little rushed. But the epilogue was awesome and made me lie back with a stupid dreamy smile on my face thinking about how amazing Jax’s story will be after that much loved and much too short teaser into his boom.

So Until Jax I hope you find a few more amazing alphas to keep you warm.


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