This book has been on my TBR pile since it was released, a huge amount of my GR friends had raved about it and I knew I would love it so I knew I had to read it but I just kept putting it off for one reason and another until I realised that the second book in this series was about to be released so I knew I just had to read it right now and as per usual I am kicking myself for not having read it sooner.

The writing was flawless and I felt every emotion and I just couldn’t wait to see how it would all play out in the end. From their first meeting you can feel their connection and even though there were twists and turns I never doubted they were meant to be together.

Savannah and Asher were both damaged and had both come home to lick their wounds and hide from their past. But then their paths collide and they realise they are two parts of an amazing whole. Asher’s transformation and drive to be all that he could be to be worthy of Savannah was truly awe inspiring and I fell for him so hard I wanted to wrap him up in a bow.

Savannah came across as a little on the selfish side and I really wasn’t a fan of her sister for a lot of this book but they both redeemed themselves in the end and I finished this book with a massive smile on my face and a driving desire to jump right into Never Let You Go.

So if you’re looking for an uplifting second chance story this is the one.


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