Wow this book was absolutely amazing. 

Katy’s writing is flawless and I love the way she crafts her stories so perfectly. But I went into this one a little apprehensive. I saw a review from a GR friend that stated there was a plot twist at 75% and themes she couldn’t handle and by 25% I was already so invested in Holden and Griselda and all they had gone through I was scared it would destroy me.

Holden and Griselda had been through so much they did a few things that would normally piss me off a little and maybe my reaction to them doing it is a little wrong but I found it very easy to forgive their mistakes. From the first I felt their connection. They were bonded not just by their shared experiences but also to the depth of their souls.

The book is told in the present day with flashes back to their lives when they first met, through their time in captivity to their separation. However even once they find each other and are reunited they still have to fight to earn their HEA and watching all that happened to get there broke my heart while making me believe in that soul deep love that is the reason I read these books in the first place.

These books are legitimate stand-alones and you don’t need to read them in any given order. For my review on The Vixen and the Vet please click the link below. 

A percentage of sales made in June and July in 2015 goes to an amazing charity so if you are in the mood for an amazing angsty story about love, trust, hope and survival grab this book now and know you’re not only getting a great read but also helping an amazing cause.
The Elizabeth Smart Foundation, which aims, among other things, to support the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and to educate children about violent and sexual crime. For more information, go here:


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