Ok I have to start this review by saying how upset I am. There wasn’t a single falling piano or face disfiguring revenge for Daren’s ex and I was really counting on that after reading Dearest Clementine. However maybe I am just a little vengeful and since the book was so amazing it really didn’t need it but meh I was really hoping she would get hers hard, and not in the good way.

“My usual pay-it-forward philosophy disappears faster than Kanye’s false sense of humility at an awards show.”


Anyway back to the actual story. What can I say this series hooked me in from the first and it just got better and better as it went. There hasn’t been a single character that hasn’t been perfect and amazing and I have now added a new author to my stalking list as well as a heap of new book boyfriends.

So I went into this book with a little less enthusiasm than I had for the last two. Knowing Daren had cheated on Clem and then gotten engaged to the person he cheated with I kind of wanted him to really earn his HEA and I wasn’t entirely sure he deserved it. But then as I got to know him more and more and get over the stupid mistake he made as a 17 year old boy especially since Clem had already forgiven and forgotten.

Daren proved himself relentlessly in this book and I was so glad he got someone as perfect as Maddie.

Maddie was almost an unknown going into this book we had only met her once in passing and to be honest if Lex hadn’t reminded me in the book I never would have remembered her. But she was absolutely perfect for Daren.

They went through a lot to get to their HEA and despite everything (and there was a lot) I was so glad there was no relationship drama.  No stupid misunderstandings that drove me nuts, and an epilogue that was the perfect way to end this amazing series.

So if you haven’t yet read this series go one click them now.


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