I honestly don’t know where to start with this book. It was kind of a love hate relationship from the first page for me. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from the blurb but I can say it wasn’t this.  

I seriously love sports romance and I guess I went in with the preconceived notion that this would be just like the multitude of others I have read. And for the first quarter of the book I was struggling to be invested in Dash. He came across as kind of an uncaring arsehole and I really felt like Viv deserved so much better.

But as they explored their relationship I fell for him more and more and got to know him better and see the world through his eyes. And it helped that he was sexy as fuck and prepared to face his fuck ups and own his issues.

Add in a whole heap of dirty talk and steamy as hell sex scenes and I just kept falling further and further under the spell of Ms Reiss’ writing.

Honestly though I absolutely loved everything about Viv. She was sweet and caring and perfect but she still didn’t let it all go to her head or not show her own strengths. She was so amazing, it was hard to watch her come into her own without wanting to throw my kindle at Dash for the stupid shit he thought and did.

Then came the second half and I literally couldn’t put the damn thing down. I had to know how it was all going to play out and I so wanted to see Viv get her much deserved happily ever after. And watching it play out like it did I felt so invested in this couple I needed to see them work it all out and get the shit out of the way and get to the happily ever after.

I am so glad I read this, you must grab your copy today and hide yourself away to read it.


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