I can’t believe I almost missed this book. I mean how the hell does something like that even happen in this day and age? I have been besotted with this series from day one. I mean the writing style, the characters, the emotions, the story lines ………………………… Swoon

And Asher.  If you have read this series you know every character is intertwined with each other in some way or another and finding out in the last book how the mysterious Asher fits in with the crew was breathtaking. I seriously did not see that coming but damn did it have me on the edge of my seat wanting to know more.

So as soon as I saw this was releasing I one clicked it then waited with baited breath for it to be sent to my kindle and as always I was left further in awe with Linda Kage’s amazing talent.

Remy was perfect for Asher in every way except for one small thing, he thinks she is a he who has fast become his closest friend. So how is Remy going to unveil the small fact she has a vagina along with the fact she has fallen in love with him?

On top of all that there is his feelings for incubus shirt girl and his new found affection for Eliza to contend with. All while trying to get to know his “new” brother and come to terms with all the things going on in his life and the emotions he is feeling about it all.

While I loved this book and it is another awesome addition to the series it wasn’t as sad or emotional as the previous ones, which isn’t to say it didn’t have the same depth of emotions it just didn’t make me cry massive, ugly tears. And watching the other couples grow their families is always welcome. But now I am absolutely anticipating the next chapter in these amazing Forbidden Men and their families’ lives with the Story of Brandt and Sarah.

If you haven’t started this series yet you absolutely must. Although they all can be read as stand alones every book has been perfect so I highly think you should read them all in order and get to know each and every one of these men and their beautiful women.

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