Ok so I finally got around to reading Twist and the only reason I can give for it taking me so long is that I have the reading habits of Marty the squirrel. I mean seriously I loved Dirty so hard and I wanted to read this one but it just took me forever to get back to it.

And of course as soon as I started it I was unable to put it down. I just love Kylie Scott’s writing and every time I read one of her books I want to read them all but of course I end up off on a new tangent and forget to return.

For the first three quarters of the book I was so in love with Joe I just couldn't get enough of him. I loved how he dealt with Alex and all her anxieties and fears. Then as is expected shit happened. I just really hated how Joe dealt with it. Not that I was super happy with how Alex reacted to it all but i wanted so much more from Joe.

And although I did get a happily ever after I could live with I felt like it wasn't as resolved as I personally would have liked. But then I love a good grovel and a little bit of revenge can never go astray.

Of course the secondary characters were perfect and we got to catch up with the Dive Bar crew we met in Dirty. Aswell as the guys from her Stage Dive series I am yet to read. And Val was just so perfect I loved her balls to the wall honesty, if only Alex had of listened to her a little more.

Like I said I loved the first three quarters of the book and the happily ever after was enough to appease me so overall this was a four star read but I have high hopes from the blurb that the next one will be a five star.



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