Rebecca Jenshak has revealed the cover for Wild Love!


Releasing: October 26, 2021

Cover Design: Lori Jackson Designs

Photographer: Michelle Lancaster

Model: Anthony Patamisi


Johnny Maverick is a lot of things.
Great hockey player
Loyal friend
Always up for a good time

And now, he's my new roommate.

It's only for a few weeks while I intern for the Wildcats - his new NHL team.
And there are some pros to living with my hot and ridiculous friend (or is that ridiculously hot?). He's fun and unexpectedly sweet, and he reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

I had no intention of breaking the one rule given to me on my first day on the job: no sleeping with the players.
And if I had, I never dreamed that player would be Johnny Maverick.


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Rebecca is a new adult romance author, caffeine-addict, and lover of all sports. She's a Midwest girl at heart, but currently resides in Arizona.


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