A while back I read a Jennifer Sucevic novel and promptly added her to my stalking list. And when I read the blurb for Campus Player, I added it to my ever-growing TBR. Then Campus Heartthrob was being promoted and I couldn't go passed the opportunity to read it.


It was exactly what I was craving. The whole fake relationship trope is really working for me at the moment. And college sports romance are right at the top of my must read list. This book was the perfect mix of both with a great amount of emotion and a great twist to keep us waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Brayden and Sydney had great chemistry and despite the fact that I haven't read Campus Player yet I loved that they had been dancing around each other for a while. I also enjoyed the fact that both characters had a lot of depth and their own lives and interests.


Add in an awesome epilogue that gives both our characters their own future dreams coming true that wrapped this up beautifully. The little Easter egg teasers through this book have me really excited for the next book. God, I need more reading time.





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