Ok, I keep telling everyone how much I love this whole True North world and seriously the books just keep making me repeat myself. The whole thing is awesome. We get the True North world and all of their places and some of their people. Then we get these great new characters mixed in with some returning faces and beautiful new stories. And no matter your genre there’s a book for you because it has it all. Plus it comes from the brain of the amazing Sarina Bowen. I feel like a total fangirl every time I try to write a review for any of these books, even when they don’t work for me.


This one however nailed it for me. Yeah, MM is a genre I love yet rarely read cause I’m weird like that so every single V&V book that sounds good I immediately jump on and I just kept coming back to this one. And thank god for that because, Murph. Murph was just rainbows and gumdrops and so sweet even a straight guy wanted to put him in his mouth 😉 Everything about Murph makes you want to call dibs on being his BFF. He was sweet and caring and fun and confident and just so happy to be himself and love the people around him and in turn you immediately loved him.


Jason started off a little bit quiet and reserved and I wasn’t sure how he was going to go from being straight laced to being with Murph. Not that there was any reason he shouldn’t be with Murph but there was a lot of space between where he started and who he ended up being in a way that he needed to look into his thoughts and beliefs of who he was. And he was a great guy to begin with. He just thought he needed to be who his Dad wanted him to be.


The character development was perfect and watching these guys go from roommates to a couple was a really natural, comfortable progression. And when they started to move forward and everything was happy and smooth sailing around the 60% mark my mind went off on a million tangents. And I was wrong on every single thing I guessed. The whole story was just gooey goodness and I couldn’t get enough of it.




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