What is it about hot AF college athletes and cute little newborn babies that just makes me go a little crazy? Add in Lex Martin's writing and I am in complete heaven. Plus, this one time I managed to have the tiniest bit of chill and wait a day to dive into this. Which meant I got to read it on our kid free weekend and have absolutely zero distractions from page to page.


I always feel so guilty when I read a series as the author writes it, rather than as a binge. Because my mum brain has forgotten most of the previous details of the earlier books. So, I always feel like I read them as standalones but in this series that really doesn't matter. Each book is 100% about each book. And yeah, there's mentions of previous couples and characters who are woven through but it reads perfectly as a standalone.


I don't know where to start with this book review. Charlotte and Jake were both beautiful inside and out, and just the best people. Which made me instantly love them and want everything to work out perfectly for them. I feel like I spent a quarter of the book holding my breath waiting to see what was going to hit them. And every one of my guesses was just slightly off enough that it was so exciting to turn the pages to see how things would happen.


The book was just perfect, and the secondary characters are as awesome as Jake and Charlotte, which just makes me even more excited for the next one. 




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