I am a huge Natasha Madison fan, but I've only read a few of her series for various reasons. One is my lack of self-control and the fact I know if I start one I'll want to binge the entire series. The other is I start reading and then have to wait for the next one to release and I get caught in this weird paralysis. I vaguely remember the characters and I feel like I should re-read the earlier books but I don't have the time so I think about just reading that one but then wonder if I should wait for the series to finish and end up reading something else, forgetting about it then have it pop up later and restart the dilemma.


When I saw this was a crossover between the This Is series and the Southern series I was there. I went and read This is Wild to prepare for it then had to wait for this to release. And then I delayed reading it because I'm an idiot like that. Second chance when there is another partner involved always makes me nervous. I should have had more faith in Natasha's writing.


With both Matthew and Sophia’s families I knew that there was going to be a lot of added awesomeness. Finding out their history I really wanted Matthew to be put through a little hell and I was kind of surprised given Sophia’s family that he was still breathing. And I’ll admit that I had a giggle when Matthew’s dad pointed out the same thing. Luckily for Matthew, and my own personal tastes, he knew exactly where and how he went wrong, and he owned it. But Sophia didn’t just roll over and agree with him. And Sophia’s family certainly didn’t.


As with all the books in the series there were great characters, awesome banter and a few twists and turns to keep me engaged. And now we have to wait for the next one again.



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