I came across this author by complete accident and became a little obsessed. I devoured the first series and then the next one was just starting so I was super excited to get a whole new cast of characters. But the blurb for this book put me on my back foot. However, I had already committed to read it plus I needed more of the series.


I really went back and forth when I first started this book. I kept getting these major deja vu moments as I read it and I was sure I knew half of the characters. But that's the way my goldfish memory works. I get flashes of oh yeah and then I think maybe and then I either go check out my theory of what my brain might know, or I sucked back into the story. This time it was the later. But then I got to the end and saw where I knew everyone from and got warm fuzzies.


Joss was so herself and unique and I loved her take charge attitude. Until it came to how she was with Colt. I can understand the reluctance initially, but with their history I really needed her to put herself out there. Colt was just absolute boyfriend goals. He was so open, while still tiptoeing around Joss so as not to scare her. 


The whole book was so hot. Like the chemistry and tension and teasing was just on point. I actually did have a few moments where I wanted them to keep their pants on and use their words. But thanks to the dual point of view, I understood why they didn't. I'm so glad I stumbled across this author, now I just need her to write more.



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