I have no idea how Linda Kage does it. Every single one of these Forbidden Men have owned me. I sincerely could not sit down and say a single one of them is my favourite as each of them has broken off and kept their own piece of my heart.

And it isn’t like in most cases where the men are amazing and the women are just meh. The leading ladies in these stories have been as kick arse as the amazing men they love. I find with my goldfish memory that series like this tend to get lost on the mountain with me because I can never remember who is who and how they all mix together. But that isn’t the case with this series. Every single person is such an integral part of the whole as soon as I read their name I am flooded with memories.

There is such a feeling of family and belonging that although each book is focused on one couple you still get all the members of this weird and wonderful “family” of people I just can’t ever get enough. And the fact that each book has an extra special little side meaning makes me feel even more connected.

But I guess I should tell you about this book. What can I say? I was worried I might meet a little of the ick factor when reading this. I mean we knew Colton from when he was little and now he is all grown up and sexy and sleeping with Julianna. I was worried I might feel like a pervy aunty. But of course not. Linda never lets me down and he was just beautiful. He has that Gamble gene of protective, possessive, alpha male without ever sounding like an idiot.

Then there is Julianna. We all knew she was hung up on Brandt so maybe she didn’t deserve Colton. But again Linda delivers and I never once felt like she was anything but perfect for Colton. And I loved watching her fight her own preconceived notions of who she should be with. Her inner strength and depth of character were amazing and I just adored them together.

And as always the little side stories of the Forbidden family broke my heart and gave me hope all at once. Now the only question is who do we get next? And of course how fast can Linda write?

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