This book was not at all what I was expecting. First I had no idea it was a novella, don’t ask me how I missed that but I was expecting a longer book for the amount of drama I was expecting.

But then I wasn’t expecting the heartbreak either. And for such a short book it sure did pack in a massive amount of emotion and an awesome story with some great characters who had a lot of depth.

I absolutely adored Weston. I loved that the story was told from before they were anything other than friends so we got a good feel for who they were apart and a chance to see how they fit and also got a lot of the secondary characters to see how this was going to work in real life.

“Your heart beats for those around you.” He paused licking his lips, “And my heart, it beats for you.”

I had a bit of uncertainty how I wanted this to go and for a page or two I thought it might not work for me but the author did an amazing job of making it sweet and dragging me right into the romance.

She had a few moments where I questioned Tory’s responses but then in the same breath I could completely understand why she fought it and what she was thinking.

I really enjoyed this sweet story and I can’t wait to hunt out more of this author’s work and hopefully meet some more beautiful characters.


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