So we walked away from RAW devastated and sure that we were going to be left on that ending. Then we found out that Belle was writing another one for Julius and I have to be honest I was incredibly apprehensive about putting myself through that again. But then I had to know. So I picked it up and literally couldn’t put it down.

I cooked dinner with it in one hand while I sobbed over the horrors Ana had experienced at the hands of the people who loved her. The way her story started I loved how sweet she was but I had this idea in my head of who I thought she was going to turn into as I watched the sharp decent her life took. I expected this hard, bitter, manipulative bitch (you know kind of like Ling) so when she was just so broken but still so sweet I was torn between wanting to wrap her up in a blanket and cuddle her and shake her and tell her to get a back bone and to not trust anyone.

Julius was awesome and I loved him in Raw so much but damn did he need his arse kicked for the way this story played out. Luckily for him he redeemed himself so perfectly I think I could forgive him almost anything. Ling I have hated from the start and although my heart breaks for all she went through I am sincerely waiting to see the bullet pierce her cold dead heart.

Now I do need to say there was a lot of this book that didn’t work for me and I had a lot of WTF moments where I just felt like maybe we had skipped over something or several things but then the story dragged me back in and I suspended my disbelief and got wrapped back up in what was happening. I had an idea of how the various character’s stories would collide and the Twitch mystery would be unveiled to Julius so I did feel a little disappointed in the way that played out. And like I said I hated Ling so much I feel she ruined a lot of the story between Julius and Ana but I get that we are probably being set up for more in the next book.

As per usual a lot of people died and some of them were the wrong people so I felt like I got my heart stomped on again and again and every time I stopped crying I would end up holding my breath waiting for the next trauma. And despite the three epilogues (all ridiculously too short) I feel like everything is still so unfinished I both curse and applaud Belle Aurora for her talent in leaving me on that knifes edge. It literally took me two hours after putting this book down to compose myself enough to go to sleep at 3am. Hopefully we don’t have to wait as long for the next one.



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