I think I fell in love with Truman on the first page and I just fell deeper and deeper as the story progressed. I just couldn’t get enough of him or his story and I hung on every word of this book.

I expected something really dark and I went into this feeling very apprehensive as I just wasn’t in the mood for something dark and devastating. Thank god that wasn’t how this book was written and the amount of love that poured off the pages was so perfect and beautiful. There were a few moments of darkness but they were few and far between and the over whelming beauty of the book had me smiling and swooning so much more than I cried.

Tru was beyond perfection. He was the ultimate heart of golf in an inked armour and I can’t ever express how amazing he was. The way he loved his family made my ovaries explode and my heart beat out of my chest while tears streamed down my face. He was just incredible. And he absolutely made this entire book for me.

“I never thought I needed anyone, but I’m starting to think I was just waiting for you.”

Gemma was amazing most of the time but at others she annoyed me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her and I thought she was great for Truman but she had a few moments where I wanted to smack her and tell her not to be an idiot.

This is the first time I have read a Melissa Foster book and I am so happy because if any of her other heroes are anything like Tru I can now go stalk her and add a whole heap of new book boyfriends to my ever growing list.


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