Omg this book was so hot, it really needed to come with a warning and a change of panties. From the very start i was loving the whole concept. The chemistry between them both was so instant and powerful I loved them as a couple.

Of course Kendall Ryan is one of those automatic go to authors when your in the mood for something light and easy and this one just nailed that to perfection. The conversations were fun and flirty and the sex scenes were so hot. But we still got a lot of great emotional connections.

Emmett was more than I initially expected from him and I really did fall head over heels for him. Jenna was pretty likable and despite a few stupid miscommunications I really did enjoy her character.

There was a bit of drama hanging over the couple from the start and I liked that it didn't develop into a major issue but i would have liked to see a bit more information in the resolution.

Overall this was the perfect book for a lazy kid free Sunday and hubby appreciated it too.


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